Double Digits

I have a kid in the double digits.  That’s just ridiculous.

Last Thursday Kelby turned 10 (gulp!) and, just like every birthday eve, as I tucked her in on Wednesday night I told her the story of her birth.  I told her again how stubborn she was in not wanting to come out of my tummy and how when she did she was screaming.  And I told her again how she really hasn’t changed that much since…  Still stubborn and still screaming.  She gets a kick out of it.

Thursday morning Dad woke up early to make her a special breakfast…  Monkey Bread.  Kelby LOVES bread!  Any kind of bread.  It might be the only thing she is not picky about.

I asked her to take a pic for me before we left for school and this is what I got…

Keep in mind that she picked out her clothes the night before knowing today was her birthday.  She fancy.  I actually had an outfit picked out (jeans, converse, and a nicer tee), but she told me my selection wouldn’t work with the game they are playing at recess…  She told me they are playing “torture chamber” and she is the boss.  She scares me. 

I asked her to retake the picture before walking into school.  She was holding her cookie cakes to share with her class and as I attempted to fix her headband I knocked one of the cookies cakes out of her hands and onto the ground.  #momfail  

This was actually incident #2 in a series of events that day that indicated Kelby turning 10 might have had me a little flustered.  #1 being forgetting the last run in the WOD at cross fit that morning and #3 realizing I had put my underwear on inside-out around lunch.  I’d like to say it ended at 3 but it didn’t…

That night we had her favorite for dinner…  Golden Chick.  {eye roll}

Friday evening we had a family dinner at our house to celebrate her.  We let the girls decide on their birthday dinner menu and Kelby’s selection included fried fish, french fries, hush puppies and fruit.  Girlfriend loves her fried food!  I added in a salad to the mix as well.

Grandma makes the best cakes!!!

Yes, there is a cat on our table.  Apparently we are those people...

Unfortunately the afterparty got a little crazy (usual late night rip stick contests) and ended with one going to the ER and ultimately a broken arm.  :((((  (We feel horrible Meagan!!!)

Saturday, after celebrating another classmates 10th birthday at the roller skating rink, the girls and I scurried around town to pick up supplies for Kelby’s “friend” party.  This included a stop at HEB where they were letting kids decorate cookies!  Perfect!  They were starting to get jittery from lack of sugar in the past 45 minutes...  ;) 

She invited all the girls in her class over to watch a movie outside.  The movie lasted approximately 45 minutes until they asked me if I could just turn it off so they could run around…  lol!  Ten year old girls + glow sticks at night = mega fun!

Yep, I didn't even take the cupcakes out of the plastic carrier...  It was basically her third party and I don't want her to get spoiled.

Happy Birthday my sweet girl!  Muah!!!!
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