last night

kelby - "mom, do you know what skechelers are?"
me - "skechelers...  no."
kelby - "they have diamonds on them.  kynslee got some for christmas!  and avery has some and so does so and so and so and so!  i want some!"
me - "you mean skechers?  the shoe?"
kelby - "yes!  i want some!"
me - "well we just got done with christmas.  maybe next year."

this morning

kelby - "mom last night i prayed and prayed that santa would bring me some skechelers."
me - "kelby, you don't pray to santa!"
kelby - "well can i pray to God to tell santa to bring me some?"

she is too funny!  here is what she is talking about.


what a difference a year makes

christmas card 2009

christmas card 2010

my my i have some cute kids...  and their own little personalities and tastes are becoming stronger and stronger.  kelby is so picky about her outfits.  i just hope kevyn lets me dress her a little longer :)


Trying it again...

Ok, so I started this blog a few years ago and haven't done a thing with it... After following a few blogs lately, I've been re-inspired. Blogging will be one my new years resolutions (along with many other things). Hold me accountable! :)
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