yesterday the girls got their hair cut.  this was kelby's third trim (plus one she did herself) and kevyn's first.  kelby was very excited to go see suzy, or as she would say, "zuzy."  kevyn was not as excited.  she needed to watch "kk" go first before she would decide if she could do it.  once in the chair, she did great. 

my friend suzy insisted i take a picture with my girls :)



this morning kelby's class sang in chapel.  they sang two songs, "jesus loves me" in english and spanish and a song i'm guessing is called "marching on the kings highway."  the second song had lots of motions and kelby really seemed to enjoy it. 
this is what she did the majority of the church service - stared at me

spring break + camping

last week was spring break for the kiddos.  and although they are still in daycare, the daycare was closed on thursday and friday.  thankfully my mother in law was able to watch the girls and i did not have to bring them to work with me (very unproductive!).  they pulled their travel trailer and boat to lake sommerville and we met up with them on friday afternoon.  we always have such a great time hanging out.  here are a few pics.

look at that dirty face!

they loved grandma's blueberry muffins!

we can't wait for our next camping trip!


croc love

i absolutely LOVE crocs!  they are so durable and i don't mind when my kiddos go stomping through the mud.  all you have to do is spray them off with the water hose and they look like new again!  plus, my kids can not wear flip-flops to school so crocs are perfect.

in recent months my oldest has become quite picky about her clothes.  in fact, she refuses to wear the majority of clothes i buy her.  ugh!  so this past weekend i took her shopping so she could show me the things she liked.  we stumbled upon a pair of crocs that she said she would actually wear - yeah!  but they didn't have her size - boo!  they are pink and sparkly.  i knew i had to find them online and i did. 

kelby already has a pair of the croc flip-flops, so i ordered these for kevyn.

now each girl has a pair of the clogs and flip-flops.  i think we are ready for spring :)


this silly thing works!

a few weeks ago we had a garage sale.  my oldest, kelby, decided to sell some of her items and then wanted to spend her hard earned money immediately afterwards.  we went to wal-mart where she bought some bracelets.  she had about $4 left and wanted to keep looking.  i was in no hurry and thought it was kinda fun and a good lesson so i let her look around for a while.  we left wal-mart and walked across the parking lot to bealls.  she found a purse on sale for $8.  i told her she did not have enough money so now she is on a money saving kick.  i made chore charts for her to follow and they work like a charm!  the whole thing might have taken 20 minutes and i'm sure many of you who are more computer literate could do it even quicker.  i simply googled clipart images (because she is not reading yet) and put them into a publisher document.  she gets to put stickers on the chart as she completes each chore.  at the end of the week - pay day!

morning chores - make her bed, put pajamas in the dirty clothes, take breakfast dishes to the sink, and brush teeth

evening chores - pick up toys in bedroom (i struggled for a good image), pick out tomorrows clothes, put any dishes by the sink, brush teeth
kelby is well on her way to getting that purse!


national lutheran schools week

this week has been national lutheran schools week and since kelby attends a lutheran day care she was invited to dress up differently each day.

monday was dress up as your favorite color.  we went to wal-mart and bought a nice purple ensemble including a hat.  when it was time to get dressed on monday morning her favorite color changed to orange and since we did not have time to go back to wal-mart nor did she have any orange clothes in her closet she just wore a pink dress and boots.  nothing special so i did not take pictures.

tuesday was dress as your favorite candy.  she picked twizzlers.  although she did not like the way i made her shirt (she wanted me to glue real twizzlers to it), she did wear it and received many compliments.  thank you, thank you :)

wednesday was red, white and blue day.  and yes, kevyn needed to be in all the pictures.

that is toothpaste on her chin.  i didn't see it until we were done with pictures and the camera was put away.

thursday was beach day.  my plan was for her to wear her tankini top over a white shirt, a long brown skirt (i thought it looked kinda like a grass skirt), a lay and sunglasses.  she decided to put on jeans instead. 

i forgot about the pic until we were loading up.

friday was black & gold day.  all we had was a black and gold bow for our hair.  since there really wasn't much too our outfit and we were running reeeeally late, we skipped the picture.

how does your garden grow

a few weeks ago we started a garden behind my parents house.  it is a multi-family project - our family, my sister and her husband and my parents.  hopefully in the upcoming months i can share pictures of the fruits of our labor, but for now i will show you pictures of us planting.  and of course pictures of our little gardeners :)

those two are dangerous on the barbie jeep

she insisted that i tie her shirt in a knot on her back.  geez...

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