late night scare

yesterday evening we had our first ER experience.  like i told the doctor, i have two kids.  one who is almost five and this is our first ER trip.  that isn't so bad, right?  it was bound to happen sooner or later...

well kelby was playing in our shower while i was getting kevyn dressed.  she threw a sponge like thing onto the wall and it stuck.  in an attempt to get it down, she climbed on the marble bench that is in the shower and slipped off.  i'm guessing she hit right on her chin because it split right open.  we had lots of tears.  :(

we first took her to meet jeff's partner up at our clinic who has more wound care experience than jeff.  he suggested we take her somewhere else if i was interested in it looking pretty - which i was.  so we were off to the hospital.

i was very pleased with the outcome.  they were able to use dermabond to glue it back together which should help minimize the scar.  they also worked very hard to line it up just right (i might have overly expressed my concern about wanting it to look pretty!).

this morning, kelby was very proud to walk into daycare and show off her new bracelets and chin.  silly girl!

kelby with her new bracelets

the before picture

the after picture

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