i know it has been forever since i posted, but we have had a very busy (and fun!) summer.  we have made several weekend trips to the lake and at the end of july we bravely took the girls on an 18 hr drive to tennessee.  they did amazing on the trip there!  because we were traveling with my sisters family and my parents, we divided into two groups - the girl car and the boy car.  the girl car had four kids under the age of four, two mommies and one granny.  we had games, puzzles, coloring sheets, sing-a-longs and anything else that we could think of to minimize tears.  surprisingly, we didn't even have to use all the junk supplies i had purchased.  the boy car consisted of two daddies, one poppa, and all the luggage.  it definitely was an adventure and i'm sure the girls will remember the trip for a long time. 
kelby & kevyn walking with baby neely down the streets in chattanooga

kelby & daddy on the swings at dollywood.  so much fun!

at dollywood's splash country

jeff & darren were much braver than the rest of the bunch

this was a mini-golf course that was on the side of a mountain.  you had to ride the trolley up, and then play your way down.  pretty neat!

family shot at the smokey mountain national park

the girls got ranger hats.  they looked so cute!

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