kevyn's party

last friday we celebrated kevyn's birthday at our house with family.  she wanted a dora party - so we delivered.  grandma made her an amazing dora cake (she is very talented) and dad grilled us some burgers and hot dogs to enjoy.  and of course she was spoiled with many presents!

the cake

the birthday girl.  see the big knot on her head?  she fell out of bed a few nights prior and hit the nightstand ;)

jeff's entire family (minus matt) showed up in maroon - lol!

all the kiddos

lyla and grandma

kevyn about to blow out the candles

all the attention was too much!

she only eats the icing

kevyn on her new dora bike!


kevyn is 3!

today my sweet baby turns three!  the past three years have flown by...  i told her that mommy did not want her to turn three.  she said, "ok mommy.  can i turn four?"  she is so cute!

look at how tiny they both were!

kevyn got to take cupcakes to school today.  when i asked her a few weeks back what kind of cupcakes she wanted, she stated she wanted the ones with rings in them.  after a few minutes, i realized what she was talking about.  many of her friends pick up cupcakes from brookshire brothers and they top the cupcakes with various rings.  so last sunday we went to brookshires and she got to pick out which rings she wanted (with kelby's help of course).  isn't it awesome when your kids pick out the easiest option for mom?!? 

i also asked her what she wanted for dinner tonight since it was her birthday and she told me a lunchable - lol!  gotta love it!  i'll see what i can do ;)

she still has a little problem putting up three fingers to show how old she is.  that fourth finger just always seems to pop up...

happy birthday big girl!  i hope your day is super special!


soccer, aggie football, and k&k productions

kelby had another soccer game on saturday.  this would be her third game and she is continuing to get more and more aggressive.  she only left the game once and it was for a legitimate reason - haha!  (previous games she has left numerous times.)  she had a thorn in her hand and although i was certain that injury might take her out for the rest of the game, after i removed it she hopped off my lap and ran back out on the field!  woohoo!

we don't keep score at this age, but i'm pretty sure i saw the ball go into our goal three times and it never went in to our opponents goal.  but hey, who's keeping score ;) 

i should also mention that it was our first win - way to go cool cats!

after the soccer game, jeff and i headed off for another game - a&m v. idaho.

the won 37 - 7!  whoop!

sunday was a lazy day for us.  after church and sunday school we headed home and the girls played while jeff did some yardwork and i did some online shopping ;)  the girls love to come up with skits and then perform for jeff and i.  they crack me up! 

i know one day they will hate me for putting this on my blog, but i can't help it...  i have to share!  sorry for the poor quality - i recorded with my iphone.


sick day

my sweet baby was sick last week.  and although i thought at 8 a.m. that i could possibly take her to school, i decided against it and took advantage of being able to stay at home with her.  i later found out that she probably really did need to stay at home :(  we played toys, watched cartoons and read books.  i even found time to do some things around the house that i have been putting off.  for instance, using my mom's "little green machine" to get some of the spots out of my carpet (she now has wood floors so i kinda inherited it!).  but the last time i tried to use it it wasn't working.  so i pulled out jeff's tools and to see if i could fix it.  i took it completely apart and then came to the conclusion that it was unfixable.  (or maybe i just had no idea what i was doing nor did i know how i was going to put it back together!)  so kevyn and i made a trip to wal-mart and bought the only machine they had in the store that would clean carpets.  it is the same little green machine, but with proheat for pets.  i have two cats, but they don't have accidents on the floor.  i think i paid quite a bit extra for something i really don't need.  err - small town wal-marts!  oh well, i was on a mission to get my carpets cleaned so we bought it.

i have to say, anyone with kids or indoor animals - a little green machine is a must!  kevyn was such a trooper and helped me put it all together.  she then followed me to kelby's room so i could attack her floors.  after i was done, i found this on kelby's bed:

she had been playing with the attachments and fell asleep.  i love those lips!  they remind me of when she was an infant...

even though kevyn was not feeling well, we had such a wonderful day.  it reminded me that jeff and i both need to take advantage of the fact that our girls are not in grade school yet and we can have "stay home" days when we want them.  i'm already looking forward to the next time we get to play hookie!  :)


kevyn's art

last week i shared some of kelby's art, so today i've decided to share some of kevyn's.  she is now in the stage that is one-step above just scribbling all over the page.  you can tell that there are certain areas she wants to make a certain color.  for instance, you can tell that she wanted a black horse with a yellow head.  and the girl is suppose to have green pants and a blue shirt. 

ok, so the color might be just a lot of scribble...

either way, i love them and they both put a smile on my face :)


***official soccer mom***

saturday kelby had her first soccer game.  i did not grow up playing soccer nor did my husband so we are pretty clueless as to how to play.  we did get her a soccer ball a few years ago and we know you are supposed to kick it into the goal.  but that's about it.  so to say she is a rookie might be an understatement.  she, much like her parents, have no idea what is going on.  they had three practices prior to their first game and i do see improvements each week (or at least i think - haha!). 

i knew if i had any chance of her going out on the field, it would only be if she saw natalie (her cousin) do it.  thankfully we managed to get them on the same team.  and thankfully uncle darren signed up to coach!  two small things that made my life a little easier :)

kelby and natalie had a huge cheer team that came to support them.  even kelby's new cousin lyla showed up.  she's only 4 months and such a cutie!  and although i knew lyla was only there because grandma was babysitting her, kelby thought it was really cool lyla came to watch her ;)

granny & neely

grandma & lyla

it helps when you stick your tongue out

coach darren in action

kevy & lyla

kelby's preferred position

we had a small meltdown where kelby left the field and the only way she would come back was if dad sat with her :)

  best buds


kelby's art

yesterday kelby brought home this coloring page.  she brings home coloring pages everyday and although each one brings a smile to my face, my delight quickly turns into frustration.  i love each piece of art she creates - but what do i do with them all.  i couldn't possibly save all of them...  so i thought i would start sharing some on my blog so that i can always go back and look at them even after they mysteriously disappear :)
i love how she made the apples multi-colored.  and how each leaf on eve's dress is a different color.  she could definitely spice up a children's bible if she were in charge of the illustrations! 

***disclosure - the above piece of art was not solely done by kelby.  she had her best friend sam color in the purple.  lol!


family reunion

every labor day weekend, we get together with my mothers side of the family and have a family reunion.  i feel the need to disclose the fact that my mom's family is nuts.  seriously, they are crazy.  we have themed meals and a "no talent talent show."  we also do normal family reunion type stuff like swimming, playing cards (except we play for marshmallows and win random trophy's from 2004), and play other board games.  even though some male members of our family constantly make fun of the reunion and pretend to dread going, i know they secretly love it - as do all the females!

kevyn swimming

kelby swimming to me

cousin mikayla

some of the "older" cousins - aka awesome babysitters!

kevyn playing in the dirt

 i love this picture!  they were so proud to show they filled the bucket.

playing cards and eating marshmallows

their trophy's (and ring pops)

don't ask - but don't you love the poses?!?

kevyn jumping off the diving board.  she is fearless.  kelby on the other hand opted to just jump off the side of the pool.
quite possibly the only "talent" in the no talent talent show.  they were amazing!

anxiously waiting for their turn at the talent show

i have no words

kevyn doing her cheer and a few tricks.  kelby chickened out :)

our themed meal was circled around honey.  the girls dressed up as honey bees and the parents wore shirts from Fain's Honey (which also happens to my brother-in-laws grandparents business).  we served biscuits with an assortment of honey butters and honey, a honey glazed ham, honey buns, honey bunches of oats, honeycomb cereal, and well you get the picture.

the honey bees and the beekeepers
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