family reunion

every labor day weekend, we get together with my mothers side of the family and have a family reunion.  i feel the need to disclose the fact that my mom's family is nuts.  seriously, they are crazy.  we have themed meals and a "no talent talent show."  we also do normal family reunion type stuff like swimming, playing cards (except we play for marshmallows and win random trophy's from 2004), and play other board games.  even though some male members of our family constantly make fun of the reunion and pretend to dread going, i know they secretly love it - as do all the females!

kevyn swimming

kelby swimming to me

cousin mikayla

some of the "older" cousins - aka awesome babysitters!

kevyn playing in the dirt

 i love this picture!  they were so proud to show they filled the bucket.

playing cards and eating marshmallows

their trophy's (and ring pops)

don't ask - but don't you love the poses?!?

kevyn jumping off the diving board.  she is fearless.  kelby on the other hand opted to just jump off the side of the pool.
quite possibly the only "talent" in the no talent talent show.  they were amazing!

anxiously waiting for their turn at the talent show

i have no words

kevyn doing her cheer and a few tricks.  kelby chickened out :)

our themed meal was circled around honey.  the girls dressed up as honey bees and the parents wore shirts from Fain's Honey (which also happens to my brother-in-laws grandparents business).  we served biscuits with an assortment of honey butters and honey, a honey glazed ham, honey buns, honey bunches of oats, honeycomb cereal, and well you get the picture.

the honey bees and the beekeepers

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