kelby's art

yesterday kelby brought home this coloring page.  she brings home coloring pages everyday and although each one brings a smile to my face, my delight quickly turns into frustration.  i love each piece of art she creates - but what do i do with them all.  i couldn't possibly save all of them...  so i thought i would start sharing some on my blog so that i can always go back and look at them even after they mysteriously disappear :)
i love how she made the apples multi-colored.  and how each leaf on eve's dress is a different color.  she could definitely spice up a children's bible if she were in charge of the illustrations! 

***disclosure - the above piece of art was not solely done by kelby.  she had her best friend sam color in the purple.  lol!

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  1. is that a snake on the tree trunk??? rainbow apples... no wonder eve couldn't leave them alone!


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