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saturday kelby had her first soccer game.  i did not grow up playing soccer nor did my husband so we are pretty clueless as to how to play.  we did get her a soccer ball a few years ago and we know you are supposed to kick it into the goal.  but that's about it.  so to say she is a rookie might be an understatement.  she, much like her parents, have no idea what is going on.  they had three practices prior to their first game and i do see improvements each week (or at least i think - haha!). 

i knew if i had any chance of her going out on the field, it would only be if she saw natalie (her cousin) do it.  thankfully we managed to get them on the same team.  and thankfully uncle darren signed up to coach!  two small things that made my life a little easier :)

kelby and natalie had a huge cheer team that came to support them.  even kelby's new cousin lyla showed up.  she's only 4 months and such a cutie!  and although i knew lyla was only there because grandma was babysitting her, kelby thought it was really cool lyla came to watch her ;)

granny & neely

grandma & lyla

it helps when you stick your tongue out

coach darren in action

kevy & lyla

kelby's preferred position

we had a small meltdown where kelby left the field and the only way she would come back was if dad sat with her :)

  best buds

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