sick day

my sweet baby was sick last week.  and although i thought at 8 a.m. that i could possibly take her to school, i decided against it and took advantage of being able to stay at home with her.  i later found out that she probably really did need to stay at home :(  we played toys, watched cartoons and read books.  i even found time to do some things around the house that i have been putting off.  for instance, using my mom's "little green machine" to get some of the spots out of my carpet (she now has wood floors so i kinda inherited it!).  but the last time i tried to use it it wasn't working.  so i pulled out jeff's tools and to see if i could fix it.  i took it completely apart and then came to the conclusion that it was unfixable.  (or maybe i just had no idea what i was doing nor did i know how i was going to put it back together!)  so kevyn and i made a trip to wal-mart and bought the only machine they had in the store that would clean carpets.  it is the same little green machine, but with proheat for pets.  i have two cats, but they don't have accidents on the floor.  i think i paid quite a bit extra for something i really don't need.  err - small town wal-marts!  oh well, i was on a mission to get my carpets cleaned so we bought it.

i have to say, anyone with kids or indoor animals - a little green machine is a must!  kevyn was such a trooper and helped me put it all together.  she then followed me to kelby's room so i could attack her floors.  after i was done, i found this on kelby's bed:

she had been playing with the attachments and fell asleep.  i love those lips!  they remind me of when she was an infant...

even though kevyn was not feeling well, we had such a wonderful day.  it reminded me that jeff and i both need to take advantage of the fact that our girls are not in grade school yet and we can have "stay home" days when we want them.  i'm already looking forward to the next time we get to play hookie!  :)

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