soccer, aggie football, and k&k productions

kelby had another soccer game on saturday.  this would be her third game and she is continuing to get more and more aggressive.  she only left the game once and it was for a legitimate reason - haha!  (previous games she has left numerous times.)  she had a thorn in her hand and although i was certain that injury might take her out for the rest of the game, after i removed it she hopped off my lap and ran back out on the field!  woohoo!

we don't keep score at this age, but i'm pretty sure i saw the ball go into our goal three times and it never went in to our opponents goal.  but hey, who's keeping score ;) 

i should also mention that it was our first win - way to go cool cats!

after the soccer game, jeff and i headed off for another game - a&m v. idaho.

the won 37 - 7!  whoop!

sunday was a lazy day for us.  after church and sunday school we headed home and the girls played while jeff did some yardwork and i did some online shopping ;)  the girls love to come up with skits and then perform for jeff and i.  they crack me up! 

i know one day they will hate me for putting this on my blog, but i can't help it...  i have to share!  sorry for the poor quality - i recorded with my iphone.

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