Christmas 2011

this holiday season was jam packed full of family christmas' and all types of holiday fun.  between both families, we had seven christmas' to attend (one family christmas was broken up into two dates due to scheduling conflicts).  jeff and i are so thankful that we live near our families and are able to make just about everything.  and i'm pretty sure the girls are thankful too...  the racked up a ton of gifts!  of course they enjoy playing with their cousins that they don't get to see that often too. 

christmas on my mom's side of the family was extra special this year.  this will probably be the last christmas we celebrate in my grandfather's house.  he now lives in a nursing home and his house will be put on the market at the end of the month.

the girls really enjoy playing with their older cousins.

my grandfather's house has a really long driveway.  perfect for bikes and scooters :)

neely trying to swipe something out of kevyn's dora backpack on her bike.  swiper no swiping!

you might be wondering why the kids are blowing bubbles on christmas...  i wondered the same thing too.

 i love this picture of kevyn and my grandpa.  she was not prompted to do this.  she simply saw him and decided she needed to go tell him something.  i'm not sure what it was and i doubt he knows what it was either (he is very hard of hearing - lol!).

both the girls participated in the church's christmas pageant.  they were angels.  one was very excited to be there and the other had to be bribed.  can you guess which one?
when getting dressed, kelby ran from me shouting "i don't want my wings!  i don't want my antennae!"  haha, she called her halo her antennae :)  they both ended up doing great and received cookies and treat bags afterwards.

we also found time to make it out to the lights of tejas.  if you haven't been - i highly recommend it. 

the guys ventured the rock climbing wall.  i'm not sure how high it is, but i do know darren spanked jeff in their race to the top. 

nat & kelby cheering on their dads.

the guys in action.  darren already had a big lead on jeff :)

kelby's pre-k class also had several performances singing at local banks.  i was able to make the last performance and i think all the practice paid off.  they did great!

of course each kid had class christmas party. 
kelby has a hard time keeping her eyes open for pictures...  this is the best picture i got.

kevyn's class "splurged" and everyone got a happy meal.

christmas at jeff's parents house was also special this year since we have added a new member to the family.  this was lyla's first christmas.

kelby and kevyn were very eager to help lyla with all her presents. 

grandma & grandpa like to spoil the girls.  this year they received a jungle gym (along with many other toys). 

the festivities seemed to be never ending.  another christmas was celebrated at the local church's parish hall.  the girls had lots of cousins around their age to play with. 

i'm thinking this was part of a "simon says" game.

kevyn loves hats and she put them on her wish list.  at this christmas, she received three!  lucky girl!


on christmas day evening, we went over to granny & poppa's house where the girls were surprised to see that santa had left granny & poppa a mustang!  santa left granny & poppa a barbie jeep a few years back, but i guess he new it was time to add another car to the fleet since the drivers/riders have increased.

kelby kinda looks gangsta with her hat pulled down low :)

neely, kelby, nat and kevyn

something else that i also want to remember about this christmas was how i was constantly finding my nativity rearranged.  at first my ocd would kick in and i would put it back the way i wanted it.  but then i started to become fond of my constantly changing nativity scene.  once i found baby jesus laying on a cows back.  i'm guessing he was going for a ride.  i wish i would have taken more pictures of all the different scenes :(


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