mark + danielle

this past weekend our good friends mark and danielle got married.  and when planning their wedding, they asked the two cutest girls in town to be their flower girls (i might be slightly partial!).  kevyn was super eager for the job, while kelby was a little more hesitant - shocking, i know ;)  the pretty dress, fancy hair and the little bit of glitter makeup that mom let them wear might have helped.  they both ended up doing a great job!

kelby NOT smiling for the camera prior to the wedding.  i think nerves were getting the best of her.

danielle had a special table set up for all the little kiddos in attendance.  she had special snacks, capri suns, games, toys and custom made coloring books and crayons.  such a great idea! 

kelby and her good friend judson 

 they also had a photo booth at the reception and tons of props to use for the pictures.  this is kelby and jud before their photo shoot.  i think kelby ended up going to the photo booth 6 times!

kevyn spent the night out on the dance floor.  she was a dancing machine!

and that dress was great for twirling! 

not sure who this girl is, but i think she shared kevyn's passion for dancing :)

kevyn doing the grand march with jeff and i

thank you so much mark and danielle for sharing your special day with us!

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