valentines day

we've been very busy here lately which i'm sure is apparent by my lack of posting.  however, i did want to take a minute to put up some pictures of kelby's valentines day party at school.  kevyn's class got to exchange valentines, but there was no party for the mommies to attend.

how cute are their card boxes?!?

she thought the heart shaped balloon was pretty neat.

eyeing all her candy :)

i thought this valentine was pretty cute.  and it matches the kid's personality perfectly!


brown sugar & banana oatmeal

most mornings are pretty rushed for us.  i'm like 90% to blame for this.  i'm not a morning person yet i force myself to get up and workout.  my alarm goes off at 4:30 am (yikes, right?), but i don't roll out of bed until about 4:50 am.  i don't get back from the gym until a little after 6:00 and then its a mad dash to get out the door by 7:30.  i hate the rushed feeling but i refuse to set my alarm any earlier - i just need to get up when it goes off.  that's easier said than done!

the other 10% of the blame goes to the kiddos.  kelby is not a morning person either.  around 6:30 i get them out of bed and put them on the couches to watch cartoons and slowly wake up.  kevyn usually opens her eyes to watch the cartoons, but kelby just covers her face with a blanket.  it usually takes me tickling and talking to her to get her up - another time waster.  then it comes the time to decide what to eat for breakfast.  some mornings are super easy because all the girls want are granola bars (i don't mind the light breakfast because i know they get their morning snack at school at 9 am).  but some mornings there is absolutely nothing in the house they want to eat.  until recently that is....

introducing my new favorite breakfast item - brown sugar & banana oatmeal.

this oatmeal is so easy and so yummy.  the girls love it!  it is a welcome change for them from the normal bland oatmeal that i normally eat.  here's the recipe:

2 cups fat-free milk
1 cup quick-cooking oats
1 large ripe banana, sliced
2 tsp. brown sugar
1 tsp. honey
1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon

Bring milk to a boil, stir in oats and cook over medium heat for a minute or two (or until thickened).  Then stir in banana, brown sugar, honey and cinnamon.  Enjoy!


cheer competition

this past weekend the girls had a cheer competition.  kevyn was so excited!  she asked every morning in the days prior if it was "competition day" yet.  kelby on the other hand was a little more nervous - she won't admit to it, but her behavior clued us in.  nothing was going right in her world the morning of the competition. 

both the girls ended up doing a great job!  kelby did awesome doing all her stunts and tricks and kevyn's faced beamed when she performed.

i'm really hoping that some of the other mom's got better pictures than i did.  it is hard to cheer on your kids and take pictures at the same time.  this is a group shot we took of kelby's team before they headed to the practice mats.  an added bonus of being a cheerleader (in kelby's opinion) is you get to wear makeup at competitions!  some of the girls (in my opinion) look kinda scary with the eyeshadow :)

these next two pictures reminded me of the old sesame street song...
one of these things is not like the others,
one of these things just doesn't belong,
can you tell which thing is not like the others
by the time i finish my song?

geez kelby...  she is the baby on her team.

kelby's team did great and got second place.  they lost by less than a point :(  kevyn's team is considered a show team and they all get trophies. 

the trophy thing is kind of a sore subject in our house.  this is the first year that kelby was not on a show team.  her team got one large trophy that will be placed at her gym.  she did not handle the transition well.  ;)


our family

i thought this was too sweet not to share...  i found this picture on the back of one of kevyn's schoolwork pages.  she says it is our family and she pointed out each one of us to me.  i love it! 


kevyn's new do

kevyn got her haircut yesterday.  i'm pretty sure we've cut it before, i just cannot find the pictures for proof.  she had a lot of short baby hairs that were not the same length as the longers hairs, so we chopped it all off to make it even.  i did the same thing to kelby when she younger and loved it.  of course kelby has dreams of one day having hair like rapunzel so keeping the short hairdo was not even an option for her.  i'm hoping kevyn lets me keep it short for a while :)

kelby got into suzy's clips while kevyn was getting her haircut

she couldn't quit looking at herself in the mirror


"grandhog" day

happy grandhog day!  or, for others, happy groundhog day!  kelby however insists that it is grandhog day today.  she came home from school yesterday telling me about it.  when i questioned what exactly happens on grandhog day, she stated that the grandhog would come out and if he had a rash, it meant it would still be winter.  but if there was no rash, it would be spring.   geez - she cracks me up!

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