cheer competition

this past weekend the girls had a cheer competition.  kevyn was so excited!  she asked every morning in the days prior if it was "competition day" yet.  kelby on the other hand was a little more nervous - she won't admit to it, but her behavior clued us in.  nothing was going right in her world the morning of the competition. 

both the girls ended up doing a great job!  kelby did awesome doing all her stunts and tricks and kevyn's faced beamed when she performed.

i'm really hoping that some of the other mom's got better pictures than i did.  it is hard to cheer on your kids and take pictures at the same time.  this is a group shot we took of kelby's team before they headed to the practice mats.  an added bonus of being a cheerleader (in kelby's opinion) is you get to wear makeup at competitions!  some of the girls (in my opinion) look kinda scary with the eyeshadow :)

these next two pictures reminded me of the old sesame street song...
one of these things is not like the others,
one of these things just doesn't belong,
can you tell which thing is not like the others
by the time i finish my song?

geez kelby...  she is the baby on her team.

kelby's team did great and got second place.  they lost by less than a point :(  kevyn's team is considered a show team and they all get trophies. 

the trophy thing is kind of a sore subject in our house.  this is the first year that kelby was not on a show team.  her team got one large trophy that will be placed at her gym.  she did not handle the transition well.  ;)

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