spring break 2012

last week was spring break for the girls.  we planned a little trip to lake belton with jeff's brother and his wife and his parents.  this was our first time to this lake, but it won't be the last.  we really enjoyed our time there and the lake was beautiful.  we hope we can go back again this summer. 

i only pulled out my camera one evening so my pictures are limited.  if you've been following my blog and have read the past couple of posts, i bet you can't guess what kelby's favorite shirt is???  she bought that one with her own money at the disney store.

haha, love it! 

 kelby used my camera to take a few pictures of her own.  not too bad, huh?

one of the things i enjoy most about camping is that the kids at the campgrounds get together to play.  my girls, in years past, have always been too young to really get in to the game whatever it may be.  will i guess my little girls are growing up...  kelby ventured out and found a friend to ride bikes with.  he was a little boy and he was seven.  as for his name - that's a mystery.  kelby didn't ask.  i guess she didn't feel it was necessary.  i was the one to ask him his age ;)  at first they played primarily right in front of our campsite, but then the little boy asked if she wanted to race around the "loop."  she knew she needed to ask before she could go so she bravely went to jeff and explained how she made a friend and they were riding bikes and he wants to go around the "loop."  jeff said that was fine, but i think we both had a hard time letting her go.  i know this is very minor, but i don't let the girls out of my sight at all unsupervised and there would be one small section of the "loop" that i would lose sight of her.  of course, prior to her leaving, i reminded her of all the rules.  again, i know this is so minor, but for me it was huge! 


national lutheran schools week

as most of you know, my girls attend a lutheran dayschool.  kelby is in pre-k there while kevyn's class is less structured and more of a daycare than dayschool.  the dayschool is part of a larger school (across the street) that enrolls kids up to eighth grade.  each year they celebrate national lutheran schools week by dressing up various ways.  you can view last years post here.  this is how last week went down:


of course for team spirit day both the girls wore their A&M shirts along with some face tattoos.  kevyn was mad at me but i can't remember why. 



 this might have been our favorite day.  i made kelby a t-shirt, bow, and duck tape toms.  yes, i know.  i rock.  kelby liked it simply for the fact that the duck tape (yes, duck tape - not duct tape) was zebra print and hot pink.  she did not think my toms were as cute as i thought they were.  in fact, i had to make her wear them (lots of bribing) and promised her that i would help her change shoes once she showed mrs nancy.  when i picked her up that day, she told me how she was asked to go over to the "big" school to show the other kids her outfit along with two other classmates.  i'm sure this was solely due to the super cute toms that i had made (just kidding here).  i was speechless when she told me she did not put them back on...  err!

kevyn needed to have her baby's picture taken.  so there you go.


kelby was going to dress up like a librarian for career day.  she loves going to the library and is envious of the lady getting to stamp all the books.  for her, its all about the stamp.  we got a date stamp from mom and i rigged up a few of her books to have the little sheets in them for her to stamp on.  i also made a name tag and was hoping she would wear some old glasses (less the lenses) and a bun.  unfortunately tuesday night she got sick.  and even though she had no symptoms of illness the rest of tuesday night or wednesday morning, i still decided to keep her home from school.  we spent wednesday coloring, reading books, painting, doing "arts & crafts," playing outside, running momma's errands around town, played with our cameras and took pictures, puzzles and she was completely bored out of her mind.  geez...


on wednesday kelby's class voted on a color to wear to school on thursday.  they voted for red.  mrs nancy called me on wednesday to let me know the vote results since kelby was not at school.  when i told kelby they voted for red she looked at me with disbelief.  i then spent the next 15 minutes listening to her complain about "why in the world would they vote for red?!?"  she knows for certain that so-and-so likes pink and so does so-and-so.  "why red?  well i guess i'm just going to have to stay home from school again because i am NOT wearing red!"  needless to say, we were a little slow getting out the door thursday morning due to issues with our wardrobe.  she ended up settling on a minnie mouse shirt that had red stripes and a red bow.  i'm pretty sure that as soon as she walked into her classroom she began interrogating her friends as to who exactly made the suggestion of red.


our towns team colors are black & gold.  i have a friend who's daughter is a high school cheerleader and i asked her if she had anything kelby could borrow.  she ended up lending kelby her middle school uniform and some other things.  my plan was to have kelby wear the top (that is about 10 sizes too big) with another shirt underneath.  she thought she would look funny and would not even entertain that idea.  all she wanted to wear (out of the big bag of options) was the bow.  i begged.  i pleaded.  no luck.  she walked out the door with a black and gold bow.  no need for pictures.  mom was sad that the last three days were a bust :(


KONY 2012

sometimes i'll watch or read something that really touches my heart and i'll feel the need to tell others.  i watched this video today and apparently it spreading over the internet like crazy...  i pray it continues to spread and touch others like it has touched me.

you can get more information by clicking here


weekend review

this past weekend was perfect!  we are always on the go so i often forget how nice it is to just be at home and do nothing.  well, maybe not nothing, but not anything that was planned or scheduled.  i love that kind of flexibility. 

the weekend started with me bringing home a pizza friday night and playing outside with the girls.  jeff is on a mission to rid our yard of anything that is not st augustine grass.  no weeds, no clover, no mystery grass.  so while he was busy plucking away at our yard, the girls played with some toys they brought out and i played with my camera.

these first two pictures make me smile.  kelby wanted the keyboard but didn't want to give up hello kitty in exchange.  she put down hello kitty to grab the keyboard and kevyn was quick on her toes to get hello kitty.  love it!

once they figured out i was taking pictures of them they really started hamming it up!

they thought this little guy looked like uncle darren - haha!

saturday morning we got a little excitement after breakfast.  apparently there was a local 5K going on and the route took them right in front of our house.  jeff was still attacking our yard and when he noticed the first few runners coming by, he came inside to get the girls.  i had a few friends that i knew were running it so i told the girls to look for them. 

i promise they had clothes on under those jackets :)

it was kinda chilly so i opted to view the race from our kitchen window.  (that plus the fact that it was early and i was still in my pajamas and robe and working on my third second cup of coffee.)  kelby ended up joining me when she got cold as well.

i also learned how to clean out my dishwasher properly from this blog that i found through pinterest and using these items:

see jeff, not all my late night web surfing on my iPad is a waste of time ;)

sunday was just as relaxing as saturday.  after church and sunday school that morning we headed over to visit my grandfather at the nursing home that afternoon.  we took him outside to enjoy the nice sunny weather and mom stole some of the dry erase boards that were in his room for the girls to play with.  he is very hard of hearing so it is hard for the girls to have a conversation with him but he gets a lot of joy out of watching them run around and play.

the girls (as well as grandpa) love to do this!  they ride his seated walker everywhere.

we also celebrated my dad's birthday over at my parents house.  the girls continued to take advantage of the beautiful weather while jeff and darren worked in the garden.

poppa got a princess cake!  bet you can't guess why ;)

it was also sunday runday for me and i was able to run four miles with my friends.  we want to train for something big - we just aren't sure what yet.  and by big i mean farther than four miles - haha!

what an awesome weekend!  wish they were all like this!



the perfect socks for toms!


my girls are always wearing shoes with no socks - and for good reason...  toms with socks or kevy's little converse with socks, just doesn't look good.  but little girls + sweaty dirty feet = super stink! 

i know they make the "no-show" socks for adults but i had to search hard to find some small enough for the girls.  i found these on amazon:

i got them in small/medium.  kelby wears a youth size 12 and kevyn wears a youth size 10.  they fit kelby pretty good but might be a little big on kevyn. 

she wore them yesterday.  how cute is she?!?  we were at kelby's second t-ball practice.  kevyn and i were unable to make the first one since kevyn had cheer during that time but from what i gather she might be lacking some in enthusiasm.  jeff said at one point she just walked off and went to the swings.  the head coach asked jeff if she was done for the night and jeff said "i think so."  geez.   

sorry for the crappy iPhone pics

jeff got suckered in to being the assistant coach.  hehe!  the head coach happens to be a good friend, neighbor, and attends our church.  pretty hard to say no ;)

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