the perfect socks for toms!


my girls are always wearing shoes with no socks - and for good reason...  toms with socks or kevy's little converse with socks, just doesn't look good.  but little girls + sweaty dirty feet = super stink! 

i know they make the "no-show" socks for adults but i had to search hard to find some small enough for the girls.  i found these on amazon:

i got them in small/medium.  kelby wears a youth size 12 and kevyn wears a youth size 10.  they fit kelby pretty good but might be a little big on kevyn. 

she wore them yesterday.  how cute is she?!?  we were at kelby's second t-ball practice.  kevyn and i were unable to make the first one since kevyn had cheer during that time but from what i gather she might be lacking some in enthusiasm.  jeff said at one point she just walked off and went to the swings.  the head coach asked jeff if she was done for the night and jeff said "i think so."  geez.   

sorry for the crappy iPhone pics

jeff got suckered in to being the assistant coach.  hehe!  the head coach happens to be a good friend, neighbor, and attends our church.  pretty hard to say no ;)

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