spring break 2012

last week was spring break for the girls.  we planned a little trip to lake belton with jeff's brother and his wife and his parents.  this was our first time to this lake, but it won't be the last.  we really enjoyed our time there and the lake was beautiful.  we hope we can go back again this summer. 

i only pulled out my camera one evening so my pictures are limited.  if you've been following my blog and have read the past couple of posts, i bet you can't guess what kelby's favorite shirt is???  she bought that one with her own money at the disney store.

haha, love it! 

 kelby used my camera to take a few pictures of her own.  not too bad, huh?

one of the things i enjoy most about camping is that the kids at the campgrounds get together to play.  my girls, in years past, have always been too young to really get in to the game whatever it may be.  will i guess my little girls are growing up...  kelby ventured out and found a friend to ride bikes with.  he was a little boy and he was seven.  as for his name - that's a mystery.  kelby didn't ask.  i guess she didn't feel it was necessary.  i was the one to ask him his age ;)  at first they played primarily right in front of our campsite, but then the little boy asked if she wanted to race around the "loop."  she knew she needed to ask before she could go so she bravely went to jeff and explained how she made a friend and they were riding bikes and he wants to go around the "loop."  jeff said that was fine, but i think we both had a hard time letting her go.  i know this is very minor, but i don't let the girls out of my sight at all unsupervised and there would be one small section of the "loop" that i would lose sight of her.  of course, prior to her leaving, i reminded her of all the rules.  again, i know this is so minor, but for me it was huge! 

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