weekend review

this past weekend was perfect!  we are always on the go so i often forget how nice it is to just be at home and do nothing.  well, maybe not nothing, but not anything that was planned or scheduled.  i love that kind of flexibility. 

the weekend started with me bringing home a pizza friday night and playing outside with the girls.  jeff is on a mission to rid our yard of anything that is not st augustine grass.  no weeds, no clover, no mystery grass.  so while he was busy plucking away at our yard, the girls played with some toys they brought out and i played with my camera.

these first two pictures make me smile.  kelby wanted the keyboard but didn't want to give up hello kitty in exchange.  she put down hello kitty to grab the keyboard and kevyn was quick on her toes to get hello kitty.  love it!

once they figured out i was taking pictures of them they really started hamming it up!

they thought this little guy looked like uncle darren - haha!

saturday morning we got a little excitement after breakfast.  apparently there was a local 5K going on and the route took them right in front of our house.  jeff was still attacking our yard and when he noticed the first few runners coming by, he came inside to get the girls.  i had a few friends that i knew were running it so i told the girls to look for them. 

i promise they had clothes on under those jackets :)

it was kinda chilly so i opted to view the race from our kitchen window.  (that plus the fact that it was early and i was still in my pajamas and robe and working on my third second cup of coffee.)  kelby ended up joining me when she got cold as well.

i also learned how to clean out my dishwasher properly from this blog that i found through pinterest and using these items:

see jeff, not all my late night web surfing on my iPad is a waste of time ;)

sunday was just as relaxing as saturday.  after church and sunday school that morning we headed over to visit my grandfather at the nursing home that afternoon.  we took him outside to enjoy the nice sunny weather and mom stole some of the dry erase boards that were in his room for the girls to play with.  he is very hard of hearing so it is hard for the girls to have a conversation with him but he gets a lot of joy out of watching them run around and play.

the girls (as well as grandpa) love to do this!  they ride his seated walker everywhere.

we also celebrated my dad's birthday over at my parents house.  the girls continued to take advantage of the beautiful weather while jeff and darren worked in the garden.

poppa got a princess cake!  bet you can't guess why ;)

it was also sunday runday for me and i was able to run four miles with my friends.  we want to train for something big - we just aren't sure what yet.  and by big i mean farther than four miles - haha!

what an awesome weekend!  wish they were all like this!



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