easter 2012

better late than never, right? 

yes, i know i'm slightly behind on posting...  but i'm hoping that the next few posts after this one will prove that we have been kinda busy around here. 

easter was wonderful for us.  the girls racked up from the easter bunny and we all enjoyed spending time with family and friends.  i think that between school, church and family events, the girls got to participate in five hunts.  needless to say that by the fifth hunt the girls were pros (and we had way too much candy)!

presents from the easter bunny

the girls made cupcakes.  they are suppose to look like green grass with easter eggs.  looks yummy, right?  ;)

neely tested them to make sure they tasted as good as they looked.

some of the "greats" before a hunt

kelby found the goose egg (with the help of grandma) and from the look of kevyn's face, i'm pretty sure she knew grandma helped :)

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