jersey barnyard

kelby's class recently took a field trip to the jersey barnyard in la grange.  they got to pet and feed several animals and even milk a cow!  and since this working dairy farm supplies their milk to bluebell creameries, the day ended with eating bluebell ice cream!

kelby and her best bud

for those of you who don't know, kelby has an amazing sense of style.  she insisted on wearing those boots :)

she saw mom peeking at her through a window in one of the calf's houses (think over-sized dog house).

don't you just love the cowboy behind kelby?

speaking of kelby's amazing fashion sense, i want to share this story so i don't forget it.  here lately kelby has been sneaking off to apply lip gloss before leaving for school.  although i don't condone it, i let it slide.  well this morning i noticed on the way to school that when the sun hit her face, her face looked extra shiny.  she informed me she put the lip gloss all over her face.  what???  i gave her a wipey to wipe it off but she insisted on leaving it like that.  as we approached the school she did decide to remove some only because her eyelashes were sticking in it when she blinked.  geez. 

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  1. Lip gloss all over her face?!?!? Her skin must have felt extra dry! LOL.


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