a little explaining

first off, the reason i have been able to get a little caught up on my posts has a lot to do with this:


i'm sure he will be thrilled to see that i put this picture on my blog :)

jeff had to have a minor (but pretty painful) surgery done on thursday and i stayed at home with him on friday to be his nurse.  he's a pretty stubborn patient.  he is suppose to be off for 10-14 days, but is only taking 7.  he is also suppose to lie around for the first few days but anyone who knows jeff knows that laying around will be more painful to him than the surgical pain.

second, if you go back to some of my older post, you will notice that my pictures are missing.  i pushed a button and now they are gone.  and i don't know how to get them back.  i won't push that button again ;) but if you go back even further the pictures return.

third, the reason that i'm pushing myself to get caught up on all my posts is becuase 1.)  to help preserve those memories and 2.)  so i can get to the most exciting news of all that has been consuming our lives here lately.  that post should come sometime tomorrow!

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