rock hounds v. grasshoppers

last nights t-ball game was probably the most anticipated game of the year.  the rock hounds v. the grasshoppers (or kelby v. natalie).

our scheduled game had gotten rained out so the game was made up on a practice field.  the lack of real bases and chalked field threw the kids off slightly.  and the lack of bleachers and shade was pretty harsh on the parents.

in these two pictures natalie is playing pitcher (and yes, they are required to wear a helmet when they are on the pitchers mound) and kelby is at bat.  i wish i could have gotten more pictures of the two, but i had to leave a little early.  to be honest, i have no idea who won (and i doubt kelby or nat knows either).  if i had to guess, the score was 15-15 (5 run rule and they only play 3 innings). 

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