training wheels are for babies

last week kelby came running in to tell me that dad was going to take her training wheels off and she was going to give it a try.  we had tried several months earlier, but she did not have the courage to give it good effort.  now she was ready.  i think it had something to do with her friend (who is a little bit older) riding by with no training wheels a few days earlier.  nothing like peer pressure ;) 

so i came outside, iphone in hand, ready to record what i prayed wasn't a disaster.  i think she surprised us all.  jeff unscrewed the training wheels, helped her get her balance and off she went!  like it was no big deal!  and after a couple of tries (and a few helpful hints) she was able to figure out how to get herself started as well.

seeing that jeff and i were so excited for kelby, little sister had to give it a try too.  her experience with no training wheels lasted about a minute.  she asked jeff to put them back on.  and kelby, being the modest child she is (yah right!), informed me that little sister is "still a baby and babies really do need to use training wheels."  because she is of course a big kid and has been training wheel free for like a whole five minutes.  geez.  she also informed us she needs a bigger bike.  i might have to agree with her on that one. 

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