catching up

it's been a few weeks since i've last posted and i have good reason...  i didn't want to share my exciting news too soon for fear that i would jinx something, but we sold our house! 

we sold our home ourselves and it took less than two weeks to get a signed contract.  we were totally not expecting that.  we thought it would atleast take a couple of months.  i truly think the whole thing is part of God's plan for us. 

after the shock of getting a contract wore off, we were faced with reality of finding a place for our family to stay until our "new" house is finished.  with very few rental options available in our small town, our best option would be moving into my parents home for a few months.  i don't think anyone really ever wants to move back home with their parents, but this turns out to be such a blessing.  my sister (who you can read more about here) started her treatment at md anderson today and her kids also moved in to my parents house yesterday.  yes, it is packed and it is slightly crazy, but what a great distraction for her kids to get to live with their cousins for a summer!  i forsee lots of pool parties and bbq'ing this summer :)

the past week or so has been kind of slow as far as the house renovation goes.  they've taken off more siding and we are now level.

jeff and i both agree that the house looks different being level.  i guess we were just so use to it being wonky ;)

the day after we closed on our house, we re-packed some boxes (literally!  jeff used some plastic bags and i used a box!  our luggage is in storage!) and headed off to lake lbj with jeff's family.  it was a nice end to a crazy few weeks of packing. 

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