house renovation week 3

here are a few pictures of the third week of the house renovation.  i'm getting excited because most of the demo is done and we are about to start the "fixing" stage.  i'm thinking next will come the leveling crew.  they will have their work cut out for them.  this house is very unlevel and after our engineer (aka brother matt) crawled under the house, we discovered some of the supports were old tree stumps!  kinda cool - kinda scary.  i'm not sure if those will be staying.  

like our kitchen ???  ;)

this will be the girls bathroom and since it will be tiled they figured it would be a good spot to cut an access hole.  scary stuff underneath there...

here are the old tree stumps i was talking about...

can any family members tell me why the walls are black in the bathroom?  fire?  i took this picture in the bathroom looking out into the hall where the buffet was.

another access hole.  mom says this is the old fireplace. 

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