house renovation week 10

it is so hard to believe we are nearing the end of july...  where does the time go?  wasn't yesterday the 4th???

things have finally started to pick up at our house.  the framers have been hard at work the past three days so each evening jeff and i are eager to go by to see what has been completed.  i usually get a preview earlier in the day when our contractor calls me to come by and make a few minor decisions.  i love that he keeps me in the loop on everything, but i seriously had no idea there would be so many options on the littlest things.  and when i'm given an option, i have to contemplate over it a while - that's just how i'm wired.  at times i feel my brain is mush from all the decisions i need to make ;)

we now have stairs.  and an extra wall.  the wall is not suppose to be there so hopefully it will be coming down soon.

when i think they couldn't possibly take out any more - they do.  

this is the new addition in the back of the house.  it will add space to our kitchen and a mudroom.

our windows came in and are now installed.

and the hardi is being put on.  they are about 1/4 done.  and no, that is not the final color.  that is just the color it comes in.  (i'm sure most of you know that, but it never fails that i will get an email from someone asking me these things.)

this is the latest detail to make my brain mush.  what should i do with this area on the front gable?  it looks to have some kind of stucco/concrete texture stuff on it now, but what should i do?  repair it and keep it?  change it?

here are some ideas i've found so far...

Source: houzz.com via Rhonda on Pinterest

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  1. Wow, this is coming along beautifully. I love your choices and inspiration imames. It will be stunning when it's complete! :)


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