summers last hurrah

it is so hard to believe that summer is over for us...  it seems like it was just yesterday that we were moving in with my parents and making promises to the girls about what all we were going to do this summer.  sadly only a few items got crossed off our summer bucket list.  this truly was the shortest summer i can remember. i'm guessing this is largely due to the fact that kelby started kindergarten today.  yes, today!  can you believe it?  that post will come soon. 

so as we neared the end of summer and began trying to pump kelby up about kindergarten, she reminded us that we had yet to take her to splashway like we had promised.  so this past sunday we loaded up and made the somewhat short drive to splashway.  we spent about 4 hours there which was plenty for our crew.

the girls get braver each year.  while they did enjoy the "baby" slides with neely, they would much rather go down the "big" slides with the daddies.  i on the other hand (for fear of a wardrobe malfunction), stayed back with neely to cheer them on.

see that kid behind kelby?  that is her classmate.  they were thrilled to see that he was there and they ended up hanging out together all day.

neely mastered the slides the correct way so kelby had to teach her how to do them feet first and on her tummy.

the girls also got a weird thrill from trying to sit on these things...

the girls probably stood in line 30 minutes for a balloon.  the balloons lasted 5 minutes.

nice hat uncle darren :)

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