white or white or umm... white!

our house was supposed to get painted this week.  that is what i was told at least.  i've come to realize that even the best contractors can have problems getting their subs to arrive on time.  our framer was supposed to complete his work two weeks ago.  i actually heard the words come out of his mouth.  haven't seen him since.  grrr...

regardless of when our house actually gets painted, jeff and i had to decide on the color.  we knew we wanted a white house so i first began by searching the internet of pics of white houses and the colors used.  our very small town has an ace hardware which carries benjamin moore paints so that narrowed it even more.

we narrowed it down to three whites:
benjamin moore china white
benjamin moore cloud nine
benjamin moore white dove

we tested the samples in two areas.  the first under our porch which will receive a lot of filtered light.  the second area was at the back of our house by the mudroom door.  this area will receive direct sun light.

its funny because when i selected the colors by simply looking at the small swatches, they all looked very similar.  like you could hardly tell a difference.  but when you test a small area you can tell that they have different undertones.  the cloud nine definitely has a grey undertone and the white dove has a tan undertone.  white china, in my opinion, is the perfect shade of a creamy but bright white.  that is the color we decided on.

i'm keeping my fingers crossed that i can show you a completely painted house next week!

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