busy weekend

this past weekend was a crazy, fun, whirlwind for us.  i enjoyed every second of the weekend, but sunday evening i was pooped.  

friday evening jeff volunteered at a fundraiser while i prepped for the madness that was about to begin.

saturday jeff and i got up early for a local 5K/10K.  our company was a sponsor and we had a few employees participate in the race as well.  jeff and i both did the 10K and we both got 2nd in our age groups.  oh, and if you can't read our t-shirts they say "we don't sweat, we sparkle."  love.  

i opted for no make-up that morning, but i'm thinking i should have re-thought that for picture purposes.  sorry  ;)

immediately after i crossed the finish line (jeff was already done) we headed to kelby's soccer game.  (thanks mom & dad for getting her there!)  i know she is my kid and i might be partial, but she played awesome!  it was like something clicked.  aggressiveness is a hard thing to teach kids.  i am constantly telling kelby to share and be nice, but when it comes time to play sports, the rules kinda change.  it's ok to steal the ball.  

like i said, she played awesome and scored two goals!  yay kelby!  in fact, the entire team had a good game.  maybe it was because they had gotten the first game jitters out of the way.  needless to say they won the game.  their very cool coach let them dump the water cooler on her head!  

on a side note, their coach also ran the 10K, spanked my time, and was headed to dallas after the soccer game to run a half-marathon on sunday.  hardcore.

after soccer we then rushed home to shower up and change for the a&m football game.  we got there a few hours before game time so we took the kids to the "kid zone."

i'm pretty sure they were looking for reveille in this picture.  geez...  it's all about the "puppy in the cute dress."  i'm sure dad was proud hearing his girls talk about reveille like that.  

there was absolutely nothing healthy about anything the kids ate once we got to kyle field.  nearing half-time we could tell they were coming off their sugar high and as soon as the band was done we headed home.  both the girls crashed about 5 miles down the road.

sunday was also busy for us.  we had church in the morning and kevyn's 4th birthday party that afternoon.  hopefully i will get party pictures up tomorrow.

happy wednesday everyone!

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