i think i have renovation ADD

it's true.  there are still things that i need to decide on for the actual structure of the house (lights, faucets, etc.) and i can't help but wonder off around the blog world looking at decorating ideas.  

so i'm justifying the topic of this post by stating that one of the first things we will need once we move in are window treatments.  right?  i mean, we can't walk around in our skivvies knowing that we are completely exposed to our next door neighbors.  not that we do that much, but it does happen.  

so i need to be looking at this stuff, right?  ok.  thanks for making me feel better.

i really like the look of cloth drapes layered over bamboo blinds.  i feel that the blinds add texture and warmth to the space.  and i love that they can go either way - dressy or casual.  

Source: bhg.com via Becky on Pinterest
Source: bhg.com via Becky on Pinterest

my only experience with bamboo blinds was in my sisters home.  we did a quickie "while you were out" project while she was at md anderson and used the blinds on a door between her laundry room and mud room.  i love the way it looked.  i got the blinds from home depot and they were super cheap (an added bonus).  i've also heard that you can get some at an awesome price from overstock and jc penny.  

has anyone else had luck with bamboo blinds?



  1. I love them as well layered with curtains! I love that dog bed in that first image as well. So pretty.

  2. We have them Becky, in our bay window in the kitchen, love them, but still trying to find an easier way to clean them, they do collect dust however keep in mind we have 2 pets. Happy shopping! ;)

    1. thanks for the feedback. i hadn't thought about cleaning them yet. can i ask where you got yours?


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