kevyn's 4th birthday

first let me start by saying that i can not believe that my baby is now 4!!!  i have kids people!  not babies or toddlers, KIDS!  i can't get over it!

kevyn is such a fun kid.  as an infant she was pretty shy.  she has definitely gotten over that.  she has a great imagination and loves role playing.  she loves singing and dancing.  in fact, she is known for her "moves" at her dayschool.  she loves performing.  i love her "quirkiness."  she is completely an outside the box thinker.  i lovingly refer to her as "my little weirdo" often.  i'm kinda a weirdo too.  heck, i named my daughter kevyn.  i was worried when she was born if as a child if she would be able to handle her unique name.  i am no longer worried.  it fits her perfectly.  i pray that my little weirdo always stays true to herself.

for kevyn's party, i contacted elise from sweet scarlet designs.  shortly after i placed my order through her etsy shop, she emailed me pdf's of everything i needed.  awesome customer service!  i then emailed kinkos with my order and later picked it up.  the whole thing was way too easy.  

i just love elise's designs and have already contacted her about doing something for kelby's party too.  not sure if it will work out though...  we have too many questionables right now; mainly kelby's choice of venue.

here is the invitation she created:  

kevyn chose to have her party at giggle n jump which is pretty much a large warehouse with several bouncy houses and other play areas.  this was her first party that she was allowed to invite friends to which made it extra special.  i am always a little worried about what kind of turnout we will have when we ask our guests to travel out of town to a party, but thankfully kevyn has some really awesome friends (with really awesome parents) that made the trip.  i'm sure the enticing bouncy houses played a small part too.  ;)

jeff's mom is an amazing baker.  she makes all of the girls birthday cakes.  this year we requested a rainbow cake for kevyn.  i'm sure you have seen images online.  pinterest is flooded with them.  unfortunately i did not get a picture of all of the colors inside.  as most of you mom's know, when the cake is ready to be cut, things can get a little crazy.

jeff's mom made a white chocolate icing.  it. was. to. die. for!  thanks again grandma for the delicious cake!

these three insisted they were not part of the party.  they even sat at their own table.  as kevyn would say, they are "those five year olds."  they referred to themselves as the "helpers."  and boy did they help!  they might have even been too helpful when it came time to open presents.  

thank you to everyone who helped make kevyn's party a success!  

and happy birthday kevyn!  i hope you had a great time at your party my little weirdo!

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  1. Sounds like Kevyn had a blast! I can't believe she is 4 already, either. That's craziness that time goes by so quickly. Such cute decor, too.


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