reunion time

it's that time of year again that all the crazies travel from far and wide and meet up in the middle of no where at a place called camp allen.  this annual event is also known as our family reunion.  you can view pictures from last years reunion here.  

this year our theme for our meal was "dream your own theme."  hey, give us a break...  we've been kinda busy.  other than making our sign, mom just pulled out random costume parts and we let everyone use their imagination.

in addition to our GENIUS theme, we also had a birthday party dinner, a jungle dinner, and a dots breakfast.  

the girls loved that they got to go to a birthday party and i'm thankful we got to celebrate with baby gwen her first birthday.

the jungle themed dinner was a hit!  they had a face painting booth and several crafts for the kids to do.


this picture makes me laugh.  kevyn would not take her eyes off my uncle who had just had his whole face painted.  she wasn't too sure about him.  i made several attempts to get her to look at the camera with no luck.  

they also had paper and stickers out on the tables for the kids to get crafty.  the kids and the dad's that is.  this is what our daddies came up with...


uncle darren:
not sure if you noticed but that tiger ate the head off of the other animal and left blood pouring out.  and i'm pretty sure that is poop under the bottom animal.  nice darren.

and my dad:

here joseph is showing me what cheetahs do.  i think i saw one do that at the zoo once ;-)

in addition to the themed meals, there was plenty of swimming...

...pine cone picking, 

 ...random craft time,

...lots of dirt playing, 

  ...and many memories made.

 to say that our kids were exhausted at the end of the day would be an understatement.  we had a few meltdowns before the kids crashed.

and just for kicks i thought i would share the only picture i got of myself.  :)

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