soccer is a blast

soccer season is upon us.  which means every saturday morning for the next month and a half will be dedicated to soccer games.  i don't mind though.  i enjoy watching kelby play.  this is her second season and i think she might actually have a clue this year as to what is going on.  

kelby started strong and scored the first goal.  immediately jeff exclaimed, "well heck, we had to wait all season for that last year!"  click here.

i just love how she holds her tongue when she gets in to the game.

these girls were cracking me up.  there are only five on the team and they play three on three.  so there are always two sitting the bench.  these two were making up cheers.  there was a lot of booty shaking going on.

it was a pretty high scoring game and to be honest, i'm not sure who won.  i thought kelby's team did, but she and her friend ruby both told me they lost.  regardless, kelby had a great time.  and if you ask her she will tell you she did great. ;)

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