a few updates

i'll start with updates on the house...

in our kitchen we will be using large planks of wood for our backsplash.  i call it the "planking," but there is real term that my contractor corrects me with.  it starts with an "s."  whatever.  i'll continue to call it planking.

the planking is up and the cabinet guy has several of the cabinets already made.  our mudroom is just about done!  eek!  oh, and see that outlet above our kitchen window?

that is for a light that will look something like this...

jeff and i tackled the painting job ourselves.  interior wall painting that is.  everything else we will leave for the professionals.  other than our paint color failure, scary makeshift scaffolding (see below), and jeff's neck killing him from the long hours of looking up at the ceilings, it was relatively easy and i'm glad we decided to do it ourselves and save a few bucks.  

back in may when we started the house renovation, we totally thought we would be in our house before any cold weather would hit.  we were wrong.  sunday the high's were in the 50's so friday night jeff and i made the dreaded trip to our storage unit to see if we could find any boxes with warmer clothes in them.

this is what our storage unit looks like.  keep in mind that this is only our storage unit.  we also have stuff stored in my sister's garage, my parent's garage, and several rooms in my parent house.  (sorry about that guys!)

after two hours of climbing, digging, opening and re-packing boxes, we found three boxes of clothes for the girls and more importantly we found kevyn's super k cape.  kevyn informed me that she wants to be a princess super hero (yah, weirdo) for halloween and that the cape was an essential part of her costume.  mission accomplished.

as for our soccer season, kelby continues to be a rockstar on the soccer field.  she is very eager to tell you at the end of the game exactly how many goals she made, how many goals she helped with (because she feels she should get credit for those too) and how very few goals the other team made.  she might be a little competitive.

kelby & cousin natalie giving coach john high fives:

i hope that my next post will blow. your. mind. by all the progress that got done on our house this week.  that is totally wishful thinking on my part.  i can dream, right?


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  1. Looking good! You guys are almost there.


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