picnic with grandpa

over the weekend my mom coordinated a picnic with my grandpa at his nursing home.  the weather was beautiful and i'm sure he enjoyed sitting outside as much as we did.  and the girls are ALWAYS up for a picnic.

grandpa is now wheelchair bound and has some slight dementia (which can lead to some rather interesting conversations). 

i love how my sisters hair is growing back.  she looks very gi jane / sinead o'connor.  awesome.

and kevyn, my little foodie, loved the tapioca pudding my mom made special for my grandpa.

here neely is trying to show me how she can stick a quarter to her head.  silly girl.

once all the picnic'ing was done, the girls kept themselves busy doing cartwheels....

...and playing games like pin the tail on the...  tree???

we are not too sure who won.

on a side note, if you are up for some good blog reading, i would highly recommend the series edie is writing on life{in}grace.  the series is called 31 days to hospitality and it is so good!


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