round top

anyone else make it out to round top yet?

jeff, kevyn and i made a quick trip on sunday.  it was chilly and muddy sunday morning so there wasn't much of a crowd.  once the sun started to peak out through the clouds the traffic picked up.  

we overheard some of the dealers talk about how business had been slow and on several occasions we had dealers offer to come down by 25% or more without even asking.  of course i know their markup is quite a bit more than that, but still!  

one of my favorite vendors sets up in warrenton and her booth is loaded with vintage school pieces.  last spring we bought several things from her including four little chairs we plan on putting around a small table in the girls room.  i think we've also purchased a vintage globe from her too.  

i loved this old book cart.  i just wasn't sure if it would work in the girls new room.

and how cool is that table?!?

we ended up coming home with this piece.  the vendor was very eager to sell us something and i think we got a great deal.  it is an eastlake piece that is expected to be from the late 1800's.  we think it is neat and i have a few ideas on where to put it in our future home.



  1. Where is that vendor located? I'm so jealous! I haven't made it out yet and trying to figure out a way to get there before it's all picked through. I need some small children's pieces for the girls and a few other places. I don't think I've seen that vendor before. Which area are they?

    1. ok, see if you can follow me on this... we come in from 290 on fm 1291. once we hit 237, turn left to go to the "fields" of warrenton. this vendor is one of the first you will hit on the right hand side. she is located right in front of a pond. i looked at a map to try to give you better directions and i'm thinking she would be located in the "tree park antiques" area.

  2. Awesome! Thanks for the directions. I'm going to try and find her. I hope I find some goodies :)

  3. Awesome! I'm going to see if I can find her and try to find some goodies :)


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