halloween 2012

i know i'm a little late with this, but i finally found a moment to share our pictures from halloween!

and because i truly only have a moment to get this done, this post will be heavy on the photos and slim on the words ;)

this year we had a hello kitty, a ladybug, a princess superhero (an original creation), and a princess.


the princess
aka natalie

hello kitty
aka kelby

the princess superhero
aka kevyn

and the ladybug
aka neely

our first stop was at great grandpa's nursing home.

then we hit the streets.  this was neely's preferred transportation:

and we topped off the evening by going to the fall festival at kelby's school.  

this picture is of kelby, nat and lydia.  lydia is also 5, but much smaller.  she was a preemie.  her mom dressed her as a jumbo shrimp.  hilarious!  and yes, that is dipping sauce on her head! 

hope you all had a great halloween too!

p.s.  i hope to take pictures of the house progress this evening and upload them tomorrow.  LOTS has happened since the last post and we are keeping our fingers crossed we can move in this weekend!


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