kelby's 6th birthday

can you believe it?  wasn't she born yesterday???

kelby turned 6 in november.  blows. my. mind!  i can not get over that i have a six year old.  on her birthday (and the few days following) i kept addressing her as "six year old" rather than her name.  for me it was strange and weird but kinda cool.  for her it was just weird.  she kept telling me to quit.  she also insisted she wasn't six until she had her party which was the following weekend.  

at six, kelby is still full of spunk and energy just like the baby she once was.  kelby was a colicky baby and always made sure her presence was known.  she really hasn't changed much...  i can't seem to find the volume dial on her.

kelby loves being the center of attention and will do just about anything to get rise out of people.  she also thinks kindergarten humor is the best.  i'm not sure if jeff and i feel the same way. ;-)

kelby finally decided to have her party at our local bowling alley.  she had been to a few other parties there before and had a good time.  once we got there it became quite obvious that she really had no intentions on actually bowling...  she'd much rather gather her girlfriends and hang out in the bathroom.  geez...

for her invitations i contacted jaime from little miss custom.  she created kelby's invitations, cupcake toppers (which i used as centerpieces), treat bag labels.  i loved how they turned out!

i regretfully didn't get as many pictures as i would have liked prior to the party.  our bowling alley doesn't open until 6 on saturdays so i was only able to decorate about 5 minutes before our guests started arriving.

i love this next series of pictures...

cousin lyla happy with her french fry:

happy belated birthday kelbo!


  1. It is SO hard to believe she's 6! I can remember the days when it was just Kelby. Crazy. On a side note, I love how she wants to carry her giant cousin around. HILARIOUS!

  2. It is hard to believe she is 6! She looks like she was having the best time on her birthday. Hope y'all had a Merry Chrstmas!

    On a side note, we must read all the same blogs because in the last week, I've seen several of your comments and giggled. Love those blogs! Acountryhouse, laurenleiss, and one other I can't remember now.

    1. ha! my next door neighbor tells me the same thing... we are always bumping in to each other in blogland. it just means we both have really good taste ;) i'm sure another blog we both follow is urban grace. i've told dawn that i think lyla and sloane resemble each other.


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