asking for prayers (& stem cells!)

if you've been following my blog for a while, you know that my sister has cancer.  she was first diagnosed in august of 2010.  you can read some of my other posts here, and here.  in november she had a stem cell transplant and we all prayed this procedure would eliminate her cancer.  it didn't.  a few weeks ago the doctors revealed their new game plan which entails another stem cell transplant, but this time with a donor's stem cells.  seeing as how we both have the same parents, i would be her best bet for a match so i was tested last week.  we just found out i'm not a match.  bummer.

sooo....  i've had many friends and family members ask how they can be tested.  although they are not testing anyone else specific to my sister's case, you can all join the national registry to help out someone else in need.  simply go to marrow.org, answer a few questions, and they will send you a kit with some mouth swabs in a couple of weeks.  easy peasy.

in the meantime, please pray for my sister.  pray that they are successful in finding a match and pray that this next stem cell transplant cures her cancer.

~ becky

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  1. Scott and I swabbed last year! I Pray she gets a match and it works!! I can't imagine what you all must be going through.


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