kelby lost a tooth!

kelby is pretty much a groupie.  if her friends are doing it, she want's to do it too.  so when her friends starting losing teeth in pre-k, we started having "loose tooth sightings" all over the place.  mysteriously when i checked the loose tooth, it was no longer loose.  crazy, i know.

when kelby told me a few weeks ago that she had a lose tooth and did the happy dance that i've seen countless times before, naturally i was skeptical.  except this time it was legit.  i told her to keep wiggling it and maybe in a week or so it would come out.  not the case.  it simply quit wiggling.  i started to question myself.  was i also seeing an imaginary loose tooth???

when my mom questioned kelby's loose tooth progress, we both told her it just quit wiggling.  she then asked if i had checked to see if her adult tooth came in behind it.  uh, no...  the adult tooth isn't suppose to come until the baby tooth is out...  right?  wrong.  her adult tooth had popped up behind her baby tooth and was preventing her baby tooth to wiggle itself out.  i called her dentist the next day and made an appointment to have it removed.  apparently i had to have many of my teeth removed by the dentist for the same reason.

kelby's last picture with all her baby teeth:

when i picked her up from school that day, she was super chatty.  for about an hour i got to hear all about her day, who said what, and how hard it was to eat (drama queen).  i think she was on repeat because i heard the same stories over and over and over again.  she was so excited she too was now part of the "missing teeth" gang at school.  

that night we borrowed jeff's tooth fairy pillow from when he was little and placed her tooth in it.  kelby keep insisting we needed to get home from dinner quickly because her friend told her the tooth fairy only comes between 6-8.  seriously???  the tooth fairy was running a little late and didn't make it until 8:30 or so.  kelby was so excited her hands were shaking when she showed me the five gold coins that the tooth fairy had left her.  her pure joy and excitement was a good reminder that even though she is getting older (wasn't she just getting those teeth yesterday???) she is still so young and innocent.  

{sorry for the bad iPhone pics}


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  1. She looks like a "little Becky" in those pics...so precious.


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