spring break 2013

this year for spring break we loaded up the kids and headed for Angel Fire, NM with jeff's family.  although it didn't snow while we were there, it had snowed a few days prior so there was plenty still on the ground for the girls to play in.  we really couldn't have asked for better weather.  

in the snow behind our house:

kelby making a snowman with uncle matt:

kevyn and lyla felt the same about the snow.  this picture pretty much sums it up:

they did however love the park near our house:

we decided to get kelby and kevyn private lessons.  if we were to put them in a class they would have been split up and i knew there was no way they would go without each other.  the first day kelby did a few runs down the hill while kevyn attached herself to jeff's leg.  the second day we bribed kevyn with a muffin and she participated for about 30 minutes.  kelby did the entire hour and left lessons ready to go down some greens with us.  she really did great.

kevyn says she will try skiing again when she is 6 - haha!  kelby started questioning when our next ski trip is as soon as we started packing.  i love that jeff and i have found a sport that we can enjoy with kelby.  we just need to get kevyn on board ;)  we definitely feel another ski trip will be in our near future.

here is a video of kelby as she is going down one of her first greens:

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  1. Great pictures. They really put my phone pictures to shame ; ). Kevyn is hilarious by the way.


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