field day 2013

i'll never pass up an opportunity to brag about my kids so here goes...

kelby's school hosts an annual field day and where they invite other parochial schools to come and compete. this year they had three other schools join them.  they had the "fun" competitions such as the three-legged race, wheelbarrow races, slipper kicks (first time i had heard of that one!) and ball toss.  then they also had events that they truly judged and had actual winners.  

there was the broad jump:

40 yd dash: 

and relay:

(you run faster when you stick your tongue out.  fact!)

kelby, being the super hyper stud athlete that she is, got 1st in the broad jump and 40 yd dash and her relay team got 2nd!  woohoo!

exhibit A

i'm also pretty sure that my kids won the 100 meter dash to and from the concession stand.  see the red lips in exhibit A.

congrats kelby!  way to go!


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