hilton head

i know...  two posts in less than a week!  i'm on a roll ;)

last week we returned from a week long getaway to hilton head island.  disney has a resort there and i thought it would be perfect for our family.  for those of you who have not done the whole disney thing before, i highly recommend it.  especially if you have young kids.  although i saw many families with older children who looked to be having a great time as well.  

if you were to ask the girls what their favorite part of the trip was, i'm sure they would say the pool.  i keep telling myself that one day they will appreciate all the places we have taken them...  i pray i'm right!  ;)

they did have a nice pools.  and one did have a pretty fun water slide.  

they probably went down that thing no less than 100 times each.  thank goodness for puddle jumpers which allowed them to do it continuously without any assistance.

jeff and i discussed the differences between a swamp and a marsh.  we both made up some really good definitions, but turns out neither of us were right...  this is what i found:

A marsh is a wetland that borders a river, pond, lake or coastline and primarily features grass, while a swamp is a heavily-forested or bushy wetland that is usually located further inland. 

so there ya go.  

the resort offered so much for the kids to do.  they had campfires, outdoor movies, crafts, nature tours, and the list goes on...

kevyn really enjoyed the campfires.  all campfires started with singing and ended with s'mores, two things she really loves.

jeff also really enjoyed the campfires.  ;)


a sweet lady was showing jeff and the girls some sand dollars she had found.


we ventured in to harbour town one afternoon and did a dolphin cruise.  the tour guide had a very dry sense of humor which jeff and i found amusing.  he didn't really like all the tourist.  he should probably get a different job.

after the cruise we headed to south beach for dinner.  we ate at the salty dog cafe which we were later told was the #1 tourist trap - haha!  oh well...  my blackened mahi mahi was delish!

and then later another campfire...

the one family picture we managed to get:

kevyn literally danced the entire way home that evening.  here she is doing some kind of chicken dance or "chickee" dance:

one of the crafts we signed up for was these necklaces.  we also made tie dye mickey shirts.

on our final night there they hosted a pirate party.  lots of food and lots of games.

kevyn and this cast member really hit it off...  he would come out of his way to come pick on her (which she loved!).

they had a balloon twister and people doing face painting...

this next series of pictures really crack me up.  such a good dad :)

the next morning we woke up way too early to head to charleston.  i wanted to do a carriage tour before we got on the plane.  i had booked the tour online and roughly new where to meet them.  what i didn't know was how many different carriage tour companies would be downtown.  i mean seriously...  it is a big business.  everything is super regulated too.  like before your tour starts a person draws your route in a lottery like fashion so that not all carriages are blocking up the same streets.  crazy.

so after one failed attempt to find the correct company we had booked with, we found the correct one and waited outside until they opened.  we waited...

and waited...

and waited.

until they finally unlocked the doors and we waited inside.

(kevyn singing along with some of her songs)
still waiting...

and finally a nice guy politely walked over and asked what we were doing.  i told him we were waiting for our tour and he told me i was still in the wrong place.  jeff was less than thrilled with me.  oops.

so then we walked to another spot and waited some more...

only this time we were in the correct spot.

charleston is beautiful and i wish we had more time to spend there.  jeff and i both left saying we are definitely going to have to come back when the girls get older (you know, when a pool is not their main priority).  

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