july 4th

per usual, we spent the morning of the fourth in round top.  they always put on a good parade.  i know many families like to utilize the holiday by taking a vacation somewhere.  not me!  i try to make sure we are around solely because i do not want to miss the parade.  and unlike years past, it wasn't blazing hot which is always nice.

the night prior i gave kelby & kevyn four kraft gift bags to decorate for their parade loot.  along with the bags i gave them red, white, and blue construction paper, a glue stick and a pair of scissors.  it kept them busy while i cooked supper and i was really proud that they were working so well together.  well, it was too good to be true.  when i wasn't paying attention they had gotten some liquid glue and glitter.  it looked like a glitter bomb had gone off in my house.  when i questioned them as to what they were doing, they stated that they were making fireworks on the bags.  geez...

back to the parade...  bright & early we got up, got the girls dressed in their patriotic attire, and headed down the road to round top.  you have to get there early for prime seating.  i think the hour plus of waiting that was required added to their anticipation.

when the parade started, the girls were beaming with excitement.

after the parade we headed over to our house for pool time and snacks followed with a mediocre fried chicken dinner and a large selection of deserts.  because that is how we roll.  ;)  we also celebrated my mom's birthday and father's day (because life has been crazy and we hadn't had a chance to do it yet).

we ended the holiday by driving out to our land to watch the nearby fireworks show sitting in the bed of our truck amongst the cows.  the day was nearly perfect for us :)

~ becky

*** GrandPaul's 97th Birthday ***

over father's day weekend we celebrated my grandfather's 97th birthday.  yes.  97.  can you believe it???

the girls are always down for a birthday party.  and getting to see cousins that they haven't seen in a while made it even more special. 

the impromptu entertainment included a blow up swimming pool and water guns.  

and for neely, who doesn't enjoy being splashed, a bucket full of water and toys.

it was all fun and games until my two aunts and uncle took over the pool and water guns.

the birthday boy:

happy birthday grandpa!

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