first day of school 2013

and just like that i am now the mother of a first grader and a pre-kindergartner!

we all survived the first day of school.  i even made it to work on time... that never happens!

the following picture cracks me up...  kevyn wanted to put her arm around kelby too and kelby wouldn't let her.  she's not good at hiding her emotions.

this picture is when mom said she could and now kelby isn't too happy.  geez...  i should also point out that they both decided to buckle their backpacks on and have since vowed to never do that again.  they both might have had small panic attacks as they were trying to pull those things off over their heads when they couldn't unbuckle them.  

kevyn decided on wednesday morning that she wanted to improve on her 100 m dash time and took off running down the hall as soon as i turned my back to talk to her teacher.  not cool kid.  i got a few looks as i was chasing my four year old down the halls of the school.  (pre-k is in the same building as K-8.)  of course she had to do this on a day and time that all the kids were being dropped off by their parents for the first day. 

kelby did great going to her classroom.  i stayed long enough for her to hang up her backpack and get settled at her desk.  she does have this thing where she uses me as a decoy by giving me lots of goodbye hugs and kisses while she scopes out the room.  i got lots of love as she observed everyone walking in.  

hope all you other momma's and kiddos have (or have had) a great first day!

to view last years first day pics, click here.

~ becky

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