corn mazin'

mid october kelby's class took a field trip to brazos valley maize.  it was questionable if the trip would actually happen since we had quite a bit of rain the days prior.  the maze was a sloppy mess, but it really just added to the fun (for the kids at least).  i, being the wise one that i am, opted for my rainboots.  i tried talking kelby into wearing hers, but she was insistent that they all had to wear "running" shoes.  i'm sure this was stated so no one would show up in sandals.  many of the kids would run right out of their shoes that got stuck in the mud.  it was really very comical.

our group consisted of four girls and three moms.  i think we were the second group to enter the maze.  do you want to guess where we ranked coming out???  dead last.  like they were about to come looking for us because we had been gone so long.  AND we didn't even come out of the exit.  we got so lost and tired of going in circles that when we could see a clearing through the corn stalks we climbed our way out.  as the three momma's were helping the four girls climb out, we see the cow train (see below) round the corner.  the driver just shook his head at us.  of course it did not help the situation that all seven of us happen to be blonde.  we might have heard a comment or five.  :)

i really love kelby's little group of friends (and their moms!).  

~ becky 

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