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If your like me, I love reading other bloggers reviews on items.  And it seems like everyone is doing them…  Friday Favorites, A Few Favorites, Love List, etc.  I feel like I can trust those reviews more than the reviews listed on the various company websites.  I have made several online purchases because of a blogger reviews.  And I love it when bloggers share cool finds.  It’s like social media girl/mom talk. 

Now if you are family and only come to see pictures of the kids, sorry.  This post has none.  Check back next week.  :)

What we are loving this fall...

My crockpot!  Seriously, this little piece of equipment saves me.  Most weeknights are rushed between various sports activities and my meetings.  When I can get dinner started before leaving for work or mid-day when I swing by during lunch, our evenings go so much smoother.  I’m constantly “pinning” new crockpot recipes, but two of my faves are Kraft Slow-Cooker Lasagna and Roast Beef. 

My girls have been a fan of Uno for some time now.  It is not uncommon for me to find them somewhere tucked away in our house with a deck of cards laid out.  I love that about them!  I thought the Uno phase would wear off (but it hasn’t yet!) so I bought them Skip-Bo.  These two card games, each about $10, have bought this momma several hours of quiet play.  Priceless.

Ok people.  Why didn’t anyone tell me sooner that Carters had some seriously cute kid clothes?!?  Until recently I always associated Carters with baby clothes.  And now I’m sick because most items only go up to a 6X/7 and my girls (who are 5 and almost 7) are about out of that window.  Errr!   

Check out some of this cuteness…

I clearly have a thing for grey.  :)

Modern Family
I really can't believe that there are still people out there that haven't watched this show.  It's hilarious.  Like laugh out loud funny.  I love Claire and can relate to her high-strung Type A personality.  Is it weird that I'm typically in a good mood on Wednesday evenings because I know as soon as I get the girls to bed I have this show dvr'd to watch?

Short Hair
Ever since Kelly Ripa walked out with her new even shorter bob I feel like I can’t get to the salon fast enough to chop mine off.  Check out some of the images I pinned

These are a bit longer than Kelly's, but I'm thinking baby steps.  My appointment is set for October 7th!  Wish me luck!  :)

Speaking of hair, have you guys tried this?  I have very fine hair that seems to thinning more and more every day.  I’ve been told my hair loss (now I sound like an old man) is due to stress and hormones.  Which is awesome because what woman wouldn’t stress out even more at the thought of being bald soon.  Doesn’t seem fair. 
Back to the powder…  it works!  My hair no longer lays lifelessly on my head.  And the powder gives my hair just enough texture to actually style my hair and it stay.  So far I’m a huge fan!

I’ve had my boots for a few years now and have only been able to wear them on a handful of occasions due to the major drought central Texas is going through.  Well surprisingly we have had quite a few rainy weekends and love that I’ve had my boots to slip on for soccer games. 

My girls are still good with their current rain boots, but wouldn’t these be cute…

I know some of my readers solely read my blog for updates on my sister or because they are going through their own journey with cancer.  For you guys I want to share this. 

My sister had a PICC line put in early summer.  I immediately had to order her one of these because:
1. I saw Robin Roberts wear one and if my sister is going to have cancer I at least want her to be the stylish girl with cancer and
2. Lines hanging out of a body totally gross me out.  Holly can testify to that.
I ordered her one in plum and received it only two days after placing my order.  She wears it daily and it does a great job of keeping all her lines from flapping around.  Shiver.  I just visualized that.
Arm Band - Plum
And yes I realize this has nothing to do with this fall seeing as how I purchased it this past summer.  But I did want to share. 

Blog Series
I've mentioned before that I love the blog life{in}grace.  Last October Edie did a series on hospitality and this October she is doing a series on Less & More.  We are only 4 days in but it is already sooo good.  Click {here} to check her out!


So there ya go!  That’s what we are currently loving.  

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