kevyn is 6!

last weekend we celebrated kevyn's birthday at the local bowling alley.  this is the third party i've thrown there as the options for parties in our small town are scarce.  but the kids love it and enjoy playing the janky arcade games probably just as much as actually bowling.

i was a little disappointed when we walked in and saw that they had the tables for our party set up in a little corner versus the back party room...  i was under the impression that was part of the deal, but i guess not.  thankfully my mom was also there to help set up and she quickly cut the round tablecloths that had bought (for the party room) to fit the rectangle tables that they had designated for us.

kevyn invited all her classmates and cousins and had such a great turnout.  she didn't even notice that her bestie (who now goes to a different school) didn't make it.  i had it in my head classmates & family and completely forgot to get an invitation to besties dad!  oops!  when she questioned me as to if i knew if bestie was coming, i lied and said "i'm not sure...  i did text her dad."  

we ordered these invites from tinyprints.com and purchased decorations to match the invites.  i wish i had a better picture of the backdrop i made...  jeff helped me cut pvc to build a square frame.  i then cut plastic tablecloths to braid at the top and then flow down.  i loved the way it turned out and could kick myself for not getting a better picture!  it definitely helped cover up the wall our cake table was set in front of.   

and once again jeff's mom made a gorgeous cake!  i even had other parents come up to me to tell how good the cake was.  thanks again grandma!

 it has been so fun to watch this kid grow up!  she has such a kind heart and is a great friend.  she loves to entertain and make others smile.  and, like i've mentioned before, she is still our little weirdo.  she has a unique sense of style and owns it!  (and i am learning to let her own that style except when it comes to birthday parties when i know a ton of pictures will be taken.)  she is also really funny!  this kid is full of one-liners and knows when and how to use them.

we love you sweet girl and hope your sixth year is amazing!



spitz reunion '14

i've really been slacking here...  this post has been sitting in my drafts for a few weeks.  i decided yesterday that today i needed to find the time to write some brief commentary and then post for all to see.  

labor day weekend we were able to spend the extended weekend with family at our annual family reunion.  you can see years past here and here.  this is something that our girls look forward to many months in advance.  they are always asking when we get to go back to "reunion camp!"  the aunts (aka antz) do a great job of keeping everyone entertained with the crazy games they come up with and there is plenty of pool time and playing with cousins too.

my mom and her five siblings take turns with the meals with each family hosting a meal.  somehow several years ago this turned into "themed" meals and it is so much fun seeing what the families come up with!

we had a disney themed meal with all things disney and princess and pirates...

a german themed meal which included uncle don playing his tuba...

our meal was teen beach movie themed...

and a frozen themed meal.  this definitely was a crowd pleaser as we have a lot of little girls in our family!

neely was trying her hardest NOT to show me her powdered sugar covered lips.

we also had an iron chef themed meal, but i unfortunately left my camera in the cabin at that time.

as for the crazy games i mentioned above, we did this sock on a bottle that you dip in bubbles thing and then blow bubbles everywhere.  (give me a break...  YOU try naming that!)

and then there was the frozen t-shirt contest where you grab a frozen shirt and then figure out how to thaw it enough that you can put it on.  first one to wear their shirt wins.

and we had boat races!  each group scavenged for supplies and then we all met at the pool to see each others creation.  our girls didn't win but it was still a ton of fun!

there was also the annual non-talent talent show!  along with silly skits, there was a lot of singing.  mainly songs from frozen.  (am i the only one who's skin crawls every time that song starts???   i'm so over it!  let it go!)

kevyn's initially was going to sing a song from teen beach movie.  but about 20 minutes before the talent show started she came over and whispered to me that she would no longer be singing.  she would be dancing!  um, ok?  i asked her if she needed a song and she replied no.  

for those of you who are not around her much, kevyn loves to have "reformances."  every gift giving holiday for the past few years i've been "gifted" reformances.  yay.  what makes them even better is that they typically end in tears when i tell her 10 minutes into them that its time to start wrapping it up.  so i guess really she might be correct when saying "reformances"...  it's like a performance on repeat.

so like i reeeally needed her to perform to a song so that the song would end and hopefully she would too. not just mean momma telling her to wrap it up.  thankfully she ended up reforming to a song!

THANK YOU so much to my family who witnessed kevyn leaping across the stage for the duration of a song and then gave her a good round of applause.  it made her day!

oh!  have y'all played the charades app!  it is so much fun and free!

well there you have it!  another awesome reunion in the books.



kindergarten & 2nd grade

am i the only momma that goes full blown crazy person on the first day of school?  i mean as soon as i drop them off i begin counting down the minutes until school is out.  and it's not because i'm worried about how they did...  i know they will be fine and are in great hands.  i just want to hear about how much they loved their first day, and tell me about their teacher and any new friends they made.  it's probably the ONLY day out of the entire school year that they (and I) will be excited about doing their homework.

thankfully we all made it out of bed in time to snap a few pictures before heading to school.  now before you think oh look at becky trying to get all artistic with her wonky angled shot...  let me just clarify that wasn't what was happening.  the above mentioned crazy person had apparently already set in and i had no idea i was holding my camera wonky until i reviewed my pictures.  #momfail

kevyn is trying her hardest not to laugh while the cat is going up her dress... lol!

i'm so excited for these girls as they both have amazing teachers.  they like won the teacher lottery!  i say that, but in all honesty we knew who we were getting...  their small school only has one class per grade!

and in case you saw my instagram post from kindergarten orientation...  don't worry.  kevyn managed to "get her act together" in time and was not "in a mood."  geez this kid...  

~ becky
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