natalie's 7th birthday

i'm a little behind on this post...

natalie turned 7!  can you believe it?!?

and we now have to refer to her only as natalie.  not nat, or nat nat, or nattie.  or any other random nickname we come up with.  only natalie.  she's definitely growing up.  ;)

in our small town your pretty much stuck with having your party at your home, the park, or the bowling alley.  natalie decided to have her party at the bowling alley this year.  no complaints from me though...  bowling alley parties are super easy!  

the girls patiently waiting for neely's ball to make it to the end...

for some (ahem, neely), you get applauded when your ball actually makes it to the end.  who cares about how many pins get knocked down.  ;)

we didn't really keep score.  in fact, we didn't even really play games.  the kids just all took turns trying to knock down the pins.

of course bowling is only a small portion of what you actually do at a bowling party for 7 year olds...  you also spend WAY too much money on games that you are much to young to play for a fair chance of winning.

my sneaky eldest took all her report card money and tooth fairy money that she had received the week prior and cashed it in for coins for the games.  nice kelby.  i only found out when she asked me for $7 to buy a yo-yo at school (a fundraiser) and i reminded her about her report card money and tooth fairy money.  things got really awkward really quick.  

i think we could have bought the darn horses for the amount of quarters we put into this thing for these two...

happy birthday sweet girl!  i hope your day was super special!

(now if y'all could all just quit growing up i would really appreciate that!)


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  1. Becky, thank you for posting on your blog. We are looking forward to be together for Easter. Great pictures....Barbara and James


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